1st November 2010
“that the Government’s planned deficit reduction programme is a reckless gamble with the economy”
Proposed by: Caroline Sinclair
Opposed by: Tony Koutsoumbos

4th October 2010
“that society in this country is living at the expense of the under 25s”
Proposed by: Tim Lees
Opposed by: Bill More

6th September 2010
“that this House would ban the burka”
Proposed by: (Ms) Carol Howes-Wright
Opposed by: (Mr) Babs Williams

2nd August 2010
“that this House believes the Prime Minister’s ‘Big Society’ policy to be a con”
Proposed by: Vince Stevenson
Opposed by: Gwyn Redgers

5th July 2010
“that the Government should encourage marriage”
Proposed by: Ranulph Day
Opposed by: Alex Young

4th June 2010 – Annual Dinner Debate
“this House believes that behind a struggling male leader there is always an inspiring female”
Proposed by: Caroline Sinclair
Opposed by: David Kerry

4th May 2010
“this House will not vote in Thursday’s General Election”
Proposed by: Bill Moss
Opposed by: Ewan McGaughey

6th April 2010
“this House would welcome a hung parliament”
Proposed by: David Babington-Smith
Opposed by: Donald Leon Soon

1st March 2010
“this House believes that immigration should be restricted to curtail our population”
Proposed by: Daniel Brailey
Opposed by: David Cozens

1st February 2010
“that we should prosecute Tony Blair for taking us into war with Iraq”
Proposed by: Gwyn Redgers
Opposed by: Caroline Sinclair

4th January 2010
“this House supports the Government’s plan to build 10 new nuclear power stations”
Proposed by: James Brandon
Opposed by: Tony Koutsoumbos