2nd November 2009
“that Britain is now a police state”
Proposed by: Bill Moss
Opposed by: Jessica Bass

5th October 2009
“that we should withdraw from the European Union”
Proposed by: Linda Moss
Opposed by: Gwyn Redgers

7th September 2009
“that there is no hope for British democracy”
Proposed by: Magnus Nielsen
Opposed by: Donald Leon Soon

3rd August 2009
“that the welfare state has had its day”
Proposed by: Ralph Atkinson
Opposed by: Tom May

6th July 2009
“that Global Warming is a major threat to our future”
Proposed by: Adrian Redgers
Opposed by: Andrew McGuinness

19th June 2009 – Annual Dinner Debate
“this House believes that England has got oomph”
Proposed by: Magnus Nielsen
Opposed by: Paul Carroll

1st June 2009
“that a god definitely does NOT exist”
Proposed by: David Kerry
Opposed by: David Cozens

6th April 2009
“that the policy should be British jobs for British workers”
Proposed by: Lindsay Cole
Opposed by: Tom May

2nd March 2009
‘that Israel and Palestine should be a single state”
Proposed by: Nicky George
Opposed by: Tom May

5th January 2009
“that legislation is required to permit and regulate euthanasia”
Proposed by: Carolann Gaster
Opposed by: Gwyn Redgers