Location: Old Bank of England pub, Fleet Street, with exceptions noted.  Monday meetings unless noted.

19th September 2005 
AGM followed by “The events of the month.”

Opener: Gwyn Redgers

17th October 2005
“This House feels that old age is not to be regretted.”

Proposed by: Nathan Morris
Opposed by: Adrian Redgers

21st November 2005
“This House believes that the occupying forces should now leave Iraq.”

Proposed by: unknown
Opposed by: Maureen Mahon

19th December 2005
“This House is unconcerned about winning or losing the Ashes / World Cup / Six Nations trophy.”

Proposed by: unknown
Opposed by: Nigel Kynoch Clark

16th January 2006
“This House opposes faith schools.”

Proposed by: Nathan Morris
Opposed by: Donald Leon Soon

21st February 2006
“This House agrees that ‘If it is art, it is not for all, and if it is for all, it is not art. (Schoenberg)”

Proposed by: Stephen Street
Opposed by: Gwyn Redgers

20th March 2006
Annual Business Meeting followed by “For today’s generation, instant gratification overrides responsibility.”

Proposed by: Alina Goldschmidt
Opposed by: unknown

Friday, 19th May 2006, Il Fornello restaurant
Annual Dinner Debate: “This House considers that we attach too much importance to eating and drinking.”

Proposed by: unknown
Opposed by: unknown