Location: Old Bank of England pub, Fleet Street, with exceptions noted.  Monday meetings unless noted.

24th September 2004
AGM followed by a discussion on “The events of the week.”

Opener: Donald Leon Soon

18th October 2004
“This House would welcome the Olympic Games to London.”

Proposed by: Nigel Kynoch Clark
Opposed by: Eric Brent

15th November 2004
“This House considers it easier to win military battles than to create peace.”

Proposed by: Maureen Mahon
Opposed by: Adrian Redgers

20th December 2004
“This House would ban smoking in all public places.”

Proposed by: Lionel (Ruxton) Hayward
Opposed by: Gwyn Redgers

17th January 2005
“This House would vote to retain the honours system.”

Proposed by: member of Kingston Debating Society
Opposed by: Donald Leon Soon

21st February 2005
“This House believes that the Elgin Marbles should remain in Britain.”

Proposed by: Magnus Nielsen
Opposed by: Alina Goldschmidt

21st March 2005
Annual Business Meeting followed by “This House restore the death penalty.”

Proposed by: Dorinda Harwood
Opposed by: Frank Janus

Friday, 20th May 2005
Annual Dinner Debate: “This House would prefer to live in 1905 than 2005.”

Proposed by: unknown
Opposed by: unknown

18th July 2005
“This House admits that in art and television entertainment, anything and everything goes.”

Proposed by: unknown
Opposed by: unknown