Location: Bertrand Russel Room, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, with exceptions noted.  Monday meetings unless noted.

21st October 2001
AGM followed by “This House believes that only the private sector can save the NHS.”

Proposed by: Gwyn Redgers
Opposed by: Donald Leon Soon

19th November 2001 (Artists’ Room)
“This House feels that freedom is an illusion.”

Proposed by: Ruxton Hayward
Opposed by: unknown

Thursday, 29th November 2001
Visit to the Kingston Debating Society: “That the nation state has run its course.”

Proposed by: Dr Martin Power
Opposed by: Maureen Mahon

17th December 2001
Joint debate with the City of London Society of Cogers: “This House supports the war against terrorism.”

Proposed by: Sylvan member (unknown)
Opposed by: Cogers member (unknown)

21st January 2002
“This House considers that too many urban Brits are physically unfit, mentally weak and morally bankrupt.”

Proposed by: unknown
Opposed by: Gwyn Redgers

18th February 2002
“This House believes that we should welcome asylum seekers.”

Proposed by: unknown
Opposed by: Nigel Kynoch Clark

18th March 2002
Annual Business Meeting followed by “This House feels that people should be given more guidance on what to believe.”

Proposed by: David Wedgwood
Opposed by: Maureen Mahon

Friday 24th May 2002
Annual Dinner Debate: “This House considers that the mobile phone is a curse – not an asset.”

Proposed by: Frank Janus
Opposed by: Nigel Kynoch Clark