Location: Bertrand Russel Room, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, with exceptions noted.  Monday meetings unless noted.

20th March 2000
Annual Business Meeting

Proposed by: unknown
Opposed by: unknown

23rd October 2000
AGM followed by “This House considers that educational institutions should be entitled to choose their own students.”

Proposed by: Maureen Mahon
Opposed by: Donald Leon Soon

20th November 2000 (Brockway Room)
“That the W.I. members were justified in their treatment of PM Tony Blair.”

Proposed by: David Cozens
Opposed by: Frank Janus

18th December 2000
“This House would support conglomerate mergers with suitable executive salaries.”

Proposed by: Gwyn Redgers
Opposed by: Maureen Mahon

22nd January 2001
“That a handful of men should not be allowed to bring the country to a standstill.”

Proposed by: Donald Leon Soon
Opposed by: Nigel Kynoch Clark

19th February 2001
“That the possession and use of soft drugs should be legalised.”

Proposed by: The Lambethans’ Society
Opposed by: Gwyn Redgers

19th March 2001
Annual Business Meeting followed by “That the legal profession should have the right to decide the fate of an unfortunate child.”

Proposed by: Ruxton Hayward
Opposed by: Margaret Saville

Friday 27th April 2001
Annual Dinner Debate: “This House agrees with the notion: ‘out with the old, in with the new’.”

Proposed by: unknown
Opposed by: Alina Goldschmidt

5th July 2001 visit to the Lambethans’ Society
“That political correctness is a threat to democracy.”

Proposed by: Maureen Mahon
Opposed by: unknown