18 October 1993, AGM and debate
“That work to some is leisure to others.”

Proposed by: Dorinda Harwood
Opposed by: Frank Janus

1 November 1993
“The Israeli/PLO pact will bring peace to the Middle East.”

Proposed by: Donald Leon Soon
Opposed by: Nigel Kynoch Clark

15 November 1993
“An elite is essential for a free society.”

Proposed by: Alan Plane
Opposed by: Frank Janus

29 November 1993
“Prison is not the only answer to crime.”

Proposed by: Margaret Saville
Opposed by: David D. Wedgwood

13 December 1993
“The strongest driving force is self-interest.”

Proposed by: Eric Brent
Opposed by: Maureen Mahon

10 January 1994
“Britain’s car culture has become detrimental to the quality of life.”

Proposed by: Gillian Hawlings
Opposed by: Margaret Saville

24 January 1994
“The welfare state leads to decadence.”

Proposed by: Ken Melross
Opposed by: Carlos Van Amerongen

14 February 1994
“Advertising has become an harassment.”

Proposed by: Alina Goldschmidt
Opposed by: Donald Leon Soon

28 February 1994
“We are all becoming more and more like each other.”

Proposed by: Frank Janus
Opposed by: Unknown

14 March 1994
“This House is happy at the direction British society is taking.”

Proposed by: Sidney Lee
Opposed by: Maureen Mahon

28 March 1994, Annual Business Meeting and debate
“This House regrets that ‘Ladies’ and ‘Gentlemen’ are a vanishing breed.”

Proposed by: Unknown
Opposed by: Unknown

13 April 1994, Annual Dinner Debate
Held at the House of Lords
“This House believes that good literature cannot be adequately conveyed on film.”

Proposed by: The Lord Harmsworth
Opposed by: Winifred Hyett