6 October 1975
Annual General Meeting followed by ‘Hat Debate

20 October 1975
“That this House would support a modern Robin Hood.”

3 November 1975
“This House regrets the reduction of the military presence of the U.S.A in S.E. Asia.”

Proposed by: Nygel Kynoch Clark
Opposed by: a speaker from the U.S. Information Service

17 November 1975
“That housebound wives should have an adequate wage.”

1 December 1975
“That the stock exchange has had its day.”

Proposed by: Unknown
Opposed by: a speaker from the Stock Exchange staff

15 December 1975
“That this House does not believe there is a spirit world.”

Proposed by: F. G. Tarrant
Opposed by: F. D. Copeland

5 January 1976
“That man is born free but everywhere he is in chains.”

Proposed by: Frank Janus
Opposed by: R. Holman

19 January 1976
“That sport is a futile dissipation of energy.”

2 February 1976
“That the punishment should fit the crime.”

Proposed by: Winifred Hyett
Opposed by: Unknown

16 February 1976
“That think tanks are time-wasters.”

Proposed by: Unknown
Opposed by: Frank Bigmore (Shell)

1 March 1976
Topical debate on euthanasia

15 March 1976
“That our egg-heads have addled.”

Proposed by: Unknown
Opposed by: the Intervarsity Club

29 March 1976, Business Meeting followed by a debate
“That fashion is a tyrant.”

30 April 1976, Dinner Debate
“That astrology is bunk.”