2nd November 2015
“This House believes that feminism is still fully relevant today”

Proposed by: Fiona Whiteside
Opposed by: Vaughan Evans

The motion passed.

24th October 2016 – Eastbourne Conference
“This House believes that the UK should retain its nuclear deterrent”

Proposed by: Tony Koutsoumbos
Opposed by: Ina Negoita

The motion passed.

5th October 2015
“This House believes that the Government’s response to the current refugee crisis falls short of what could be expected”

Proposed by: Caroline Sinclair
Opposed by: Peter Hulme-Cross

The motion passed.

7th September 2015
“This House believes that Jeremy Corbyn should be rejected as a leader of the Labour Party”

Proposed by: Alex Young
Opposed by: Paul Carroll

The motion was defeated.

3rd August 2015
“This House applauds the benefit changes in the July budget”

Proposed by: Richard Whaley
Opposed by: David Cozens

The motion was defeated.

6th July 2015
“This House believes that fracking should be banned in the UK”
Proposed by: George Filby
Opposed by: Ross Hunter

1st June 2015
“that the UK should take its fair share of refugee migrants crossing the Mediterranean”
Proposed by: Fiona Whiteside
Opposed by: Amar Johal

11th May 2015
“that religion is doing more harm than good in the world at the present time”
Proposed by: Apeike Umolu
Opposed by: Bill Moss

8th May 2015 – Annual Dinner Debate
“This House believes that money is the greatest motivator”
Proposed by: Adrian Redgers
Opposed by: Paul Byford

13th April 2015
“that voting should be compulsory in general and local authority elections”
Proposed by: Alex Garrido
Opposed by: David Kerry

2nd March 2015
“that this House is unhappy that immigrant numbers should rise”
Proposed by: George Filby
Opposed by: Peter Hulme-Cross

2nd February 2015
“that freedom of spech does not justify allowing the giving of offence to those with strong beliefs”
Proposed by: Richard Whaley
Opposed by: Richard Burgess

5th January 2015
“that the USA and EU should cease applying economic sanctions on Russia”
Proposed by: Gwyn Redgers
Opposed by: Ross Hunter