3rd November 2014
“that drugs should be legalised”
Proposed by: Bill Moss
Opposed by: Apeike Umolu

25th October 2014 – Eastbourne Conference
“that London should be an independent country”
Proposed by: Adrian Redgers
Opposed by: Paul Byford

6th October 2014
“that more use should be made of referendums in this country”
Proposed by: Gwyn Redgers
Opposed by: Peter Hulme-Cross

1st September 2014
“that the Coalition was successful in achieving the economic recovery”
Proposed by: Edmund West
Opposed by: Mike Douse

4th August 2014
“that NATO and Russia should be prepared to mobilise against the ISIS movement”
Proposed by: Paul Carroll
Opposed by: David Kerry

7th July 2014
“that the UK can no longer afford an NHS free at the point of delivery”
Proposed by: Paul Byford
Opposed by: George Filby

2nd June 2014
“that Britain is no longer a Christian country”
Proposed by: Garett Ross
Opposed by: Apeike Umolu

12th May 2014 – Annual Dinner Debate
“that happiness is a personal choice”
Proposed by: Vince Stevenson
Opposed by: Shaun Dolan

12th May 2014
“that the three main political parties are right to insist that the UK should be at the heart of Europe”
Proposed by: Tony Koutsoumbos
Opposed by: Peter Hulme-Cross

7th April 2014
“that companies should be able to pay salaries and bonuses as shareholders and the directors wish”
Proposed by: Adrian Redgers
Opposed by: Ross Hunter

3rd March 2014
“that freedom of speech does not justify treason”
Proposed by: Jack Watling
Opposed by: Abdoulaye Diallo

3rd February 2014
“that this country should not have any events to commemorate the start of the First World War”
Proposed by: Edmund West
Opposed by: Amar Johal

6th January 2014
“that extremism of any kind must be stopped before it is too late”
Proposed by: Gwyn Redgers
Opposed by: Magnus Nielsen