5th November 2012
“that the proposal to end the housing benefits for the Under 25s is unjust”
Proposed by: Alison Corfield
Opposed by: Paul Byford

14th October 2012 – Eastbourne Conference
“that feminism has passed its sell-by date”
Proposed by: Apeike Umolu
Opposed by: Ina Negoita

1st October 2012
“that this House supports Julian Assange in his struggle against deportation”
Proposed by: David Cozens
Opposed by: Tony Koutsoumbos

3rd September 2012
“that holding the Olympics has been justified despite its cost to the country’s economy”
Proposed by: Simon Meaden
Opposed by: Paul Byford

6th August 2012
“that Britain is no longer a caring society”
Proposed by: Caroline Sinclair
Opposed by: David Cozens

2th July 2012
“that this House would not give support to the rebels in Syria”
Proposed by: Apeike Umolu
Opposed by: Shemi Leira

11th June 2012
“that London has become too cosmopolitan”
Proposed by: Tony Koutsoumbos
Opposed by: Tom May

14th May 2012
“that the importance of global warming supersedes the building up of the economy”
Proposed by: Satoru Iino
Opposed by: Cameron Christie

11 May 2012 – Annual Dinner Debate
“that Internet dating is the way ahead”
Proposed by: Annie Francis
Opposed by: Tony Koutsoumbos

2 April 2012
“that religion should be kept completely separate from politics”
Proposed by: Magnus Nielsen
Opposed by: Gwyn Redgers

5th March 2012
“that capitalism, despite its problems, is the best way ahead”
Proposed by: Apeike Umolu
Opposed by: Bill Moss

6th February 2012
“that, at the death of the present Queen, Britain should become a republic”
Proposed by: Nicky George
Opposed by: Paul Cheeseman

9th January 2012
“that this house would do whatever necessary to save the Euro”
Proposed by: Caroline Sinclair
Opposed by: Peter Hulme-Cross