Location: Old Bank of England pub, Fleet Street, with exceptions noted.  Monday meetings unless noted.

20th October 2003
AGM followed by “The events of the week.”

Opener: Gwyn Redgers

Tuesday, 18th November 2003
“This House is willing to have its DNA recorded and held by a responsible authority.”

Proposed by: Maureen Mahon
Opposed by: Adrian Redgers (of the Cogers)

Tuesday, 9th December 2003
“This House wishes that Ken Livingstone and Tony Blair could be ‘taken to Tyburn’.”

Proposed by: Margaret Saville
Opposed by: Eric Brent

19th January 2004
“This House believes that the concept of greatness has been debased in our culture in favour of the celebrity.”

Proposed by: Alina Goldschmidt
Opposed by: an unknown guest speaker

16th February 2004
“This House considers that over-concentration on teachers’ performance destroys that performance.”

Proposed by: Nigel Kynoch Clark
Opposed by: Dorinda Harwood

Thursday, 11th March 2004
Visit to the Kingston Debating Society on the topic of “That the British courts should abandon the adversarial system in favour of the inquisitorial .”

Proposed by: unknown (presumably a Kingston member)
Opposed by: Maureen Mahon

15th March 2004
Annual Business Meeting followed by “This House feels that public debate achieves nothing, those in charge still follow their own agenda.”

Proposed by: R. Lionel Haywood
Opposed by: Donald Leon Soon

Friday, 21st May 2004
Annual Dinner Debate: “This House would support the practice of classical Greece for every citizen to serve one day of his / her life as a member of parliament.”

Proposed by: unknown
Opposed by: unknown

19th July 2004
Summer debate: “This House believes that running the country is too important to be left to politicians.”

Proposed by: David Cozens
Opposed by: Alex Young