Location: the National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place SW1 at 6:30pm.  Monday meetings unless noted.

20th January 1969
“That gambling is a social evil.”

Proposed by: City Literary Debating Society
Opposed by: Mr Donald Leon Soon

20th October 1969
“That the State education is inadequate.”

Proposed by: Mrs D. Freedman
Opposed by: Mr J H M Clark (City Literary Debating Society)

Votes:  For 7  Against 8 (as recorded by Nigel Kynock Clark)

3rd November 1969
“That too much publicity is given to Britain’s misfortunes and not enough to her achievements.”

Proposed by: Mr R T Booth, Ye Antient Society of Cogers
Opposed by: Voss(?)

Votes:  For 7  Against 8

17th November 1969
“That in no circumstances can the use of nuclear weapons be justified.”

Proposed by: F. G. Tarrant
Opposed by: Derrick Grover, ESU

Votes:  For 6  Against 3

Tuesday, 2nd December 1969
“This House holds, that not having asked to be born, man has a right to die when he chooses.”

Proposed by: Frank Janus
Opposed by: Rev Joseph McCullud (sp?)

Votes:  For 10  Against 17

15th December 1969
“That Capital punishment should be re-introduced.”

Proposed by: Unknown
Opposed by: member of Enfield Debating Society

Votes:  For 16?  Against 2

5th January 1970
“That science and the theory of evolution have had more effect than religion.”

Proposed by: F. G. Tarrant
Opposed by: J. H. M. Clark

Tuesday 20th January 1970
“That this House supports the withdrawal of British Forces from the Middle and Far East.”

Proposed by: Hochmeyer (member of the Putney Literary and Debating Society)
Opposed by: Mr Alan S Plane

Votes:  For 15  Against 7

2nd February 1970
“This House does not approve of motorways through large towns.”

Proposed by: Mr H E W Hollobone
Opposed by: Mr Nigel Kynoch Clark

Votes:  For 12  Against 5

16th February 1970
“That the mechanical age has diverted civilisation from its true course.”

Proposed by: Mr Eric Brent?
Opposed by: Ridley (member of Kingston Debating Society)

2nd March 1970
“That man’s abuse of the animal kingdom will lead to his own un-doing.”

Proposed by: Miss Margaret Cooper, guest speaker
Opposed by: Mr F D Copeland

Votes:  For 12  Against 4

17th March 1970
“That Fortune not Wisdom rules men’s lives.”

Proposed by: Morris (member of St Albans Debating Society)
Opposed by: ?

6th April 1970
General Business Meeting followed by “That there is no distinctive British Way of Life today.”

Proposed by: unknown
Opposed by: unknown

Friday 17th April 1970
Annual Dinner Debate: “That more of the Victorian virtues of enterprise, hard work and thrift are needed to pull this Country together.”

Proposed by: Mr L G Dunford
Opposed by: Miss I M Smith