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4 November 2013

"that the UK voting age should be reduced to 16"
Proposed by: Donald Leon Soon
Opposed by: Garett Ross

12 October 2013

Eastbourne debate "that there is no future without nuclear energy"
Proposed by: David Kerry
Opposed by: David Cozens

7 October 2013

"that the United Kingdom is still a major player"
Proposed by: Gwyn Redgers
Opposed by: Nicky George

2 September 2013

"this house supports fracking in the UK"
Proposed by: Tom May
Opposed by: George Filby

5 August 2013

"that US and UK Internet surveillance of terrorism is vital"
Proposed by: Donald Leon Soon
Opposed by: David Cozens

3 July 2013

"that we should provide armed assistance to Syrian rebels"
Proposed by: Ross Hunter
Opposed by: David Kerry

3 June 2013

"this house is pleased that UKIP is doing so well"
Proposed by: Magnus Nielson
Opposed by: Vaughan Evans

13th May 2013

"that Margaret Thatcher was an excellent prime minister"
Proposed by: Peter Hulme-Cross
Opposed by: David Cozens

10th May 2013

Dinner debate "that men are just as good at housework as women"
Proposed by: Lissi Corfield
Opposed by: David Kerry

8th April 2013

"that all drugs should be legalised"
Proposed by: Bill Moss
Opposed by: Ross Hunter

4th March 2013

"that this House supports gay marriage"
Proposed by:  Jack Watling.
Opposed by:  Abdoulaye Diallo

4th February 2013

"that this house supports Britain's membership of the European Union"
Proposed by:  Tony Koutsoumbos
Opposed by:  Magnus Nielsen

7th January 2013

"that companies and wealthy individuals should be guided by morality more than by loopholes in paying tax"
Proposed by:  Gwyn Redgers
Opposed by:   Donald Leon Soon