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7th November 2011

"This House believes that it is time for Plan 'B' "
Proposed by: Roy Goodman
Opposed by: Peter Hulme-Cross

30th October 2011

Eastbourne Conference debate "that Britain is no longer Great"
Proposed by: Tony Koutsoumbos
Opposed by: Apeike Umolu

3rd October 2011

"that squatting should be made illegal"
Proposed by: Gwyn Redgers
Opposed by: Elaine McLean

5th September 2011

"that this House believes that Africa is too reliant on aid"
Proposed by: Gwyn Redgers
Opposed by: Elaine McLean

1st August 2011

""this house supports the strikes by public sector workers"
Proposed by: Bill Moss
Opposed by:Donald Leon Soonr

4th July 2011

"that safeguarding press freedom is more important for this country than sageguarding the right of privacy"
Proposed by: David Cozens
Opposed by:Ross Hunter

17th June 2011

Dinner Debate "that comedy in the UK is not what it used to be"
Proposed by: Gwyn Redgers
Opposed by:Carolann Gaster

6th June 2011

"that the coalition government will not last the full five-year term"
Proposed by: Caroline Sinclair
Opposed by: Tony Koutsoumbo

2nd May 2011

"that trial without jury is undemocratic"
Proposed by: Anne Francis
Opposed by: David Kerry

4th April 2011

"that this House supports multiculturalism"
Proposed by: Donald Leon Soon
Opposed by: Magnus Nielsen

7th March 2011

"that the Human Rights Act should be struck out of UK law and replaced with a Bill of Rightsc"
Proposed by: Peter Hulme-Cross
Opposed by: Tom May

7th February 2011

"that all citizens should support the government public sector cuts"
Proposed by: Ross Hunter
Opposed by: Nicky George

3rd January 2011

"that this house supports the current activity of Wikileaks"
Proposed by: Gwyn Redgersr
Opposed by: Nigel Kynoch-Clark