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6th November 2017

"This House would support Catalunya's independence."

Proposed by: Tony Czarnecki

Opposed by: Ina Negoita



2nd October 2017

"This House believes that Brexit may well not happen."

Proposed by: Gwyn Redgers

Opposed by: Tony Koutsoumbos


4th September 2017


"This House believes that Twitter is appropriate for communication by heads of government."

Proposed by: Ina Negoita

Opposed by: Paul Carroll


7th August 2017

"This House believes that the current government is unsustainable and will fall before 2022."

Proposed by: Ross Hunter

Opposed by: Peter Hulme-Cross

3rd July 2017

"This House believes that, to address the challenges of an ageing society, social care should be transferred to the NHS."

Proposed by: Tom May

Opposed by: Gwyn Redgers

5th June 2017

"This House believes that a hung parliament would be good for the UK."

Proposed by: George Chiela

Opposed by: Paul Carroll



8th May 2017

"This House believes that the current General Election has everything to do with party politics and nothing to do with the national interest."

Proposed by: Paul Byford

Opposed by: Peter Hulme-Cross


3rd April 2017

"This House believes that it is vital for the UK that the Brexit deal includes free movement for UK and EU citizens."

Proposed by: Richard Johnson

Opposed by: Peter Hulme-Cross


6th March 2017

"This House believes that the final deal on Brexit should be subject to a second referendum on whether or not to proceed."

Proposed by: Richard O'Keeffe

Opposed by: Vaughan Evans


6th February 2017

"This House believes that, to survive, the NHS will need a private element."

Proposed by: Dr Ewan McGaughey

Opposed by: Ina Negoita

4th January 2016 - Cancelled due to tube strikes