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7th November 2016


"that this House believes that Britain is still institutionally racist despite being multicultural."

Proposed by: Elaine McLean

Opposed by: Tony Koutsoumbos

2nd October 2016


"that this House believes Hillary Clinton would make an excellent president of the United States."

Proposed by: Ross Hunter

Opposed by: Ewan McGaughey

5th September 2016


"that this House believes that the increase of female political leaders, including May, Sturgeon, Merkel and Clinton among others, is likely to improve the standard of world governance."

Proposed by: Ina Negoita

Opposed by: Garret Ross


1st August 2016

"that this House believes that, were it possible to do so, Tony Blair should be prosecuted for war crimes"

Proposed by: George Filbey

Opposed by: Lissie Corfield

4th July 2016

"that this House believes there is no place for referenda in UK politics"

Proposed by: Jo Flowers

Opposed by: Peter Hulme-Cross

6th June 2016

"that this House believes that Jeremy Corbyn has not fulfilled his promise and should be replaced as Leader of the Labour Party"

Proposed by: Lissie Corfield

Opposed by: Richard Johnson


9th May 2016

"that this House would require all state schools to become Academies"

Proposed by: Gwyn Redgers

Opposed by: David Kerry

4th April 2016

"that this House would wish to remain in the European Union"

Proposed by: David Kerry

Opposed by: Peter Hulme-Cross


7th March 2016

"that this House believes that President Assad is a part of the solution for Syria"

Proposed by: David Cozens

Opposed by: Paul Carroll

1st February 2016

"that this House believes that doctors should not go on strike"

Proposed by: Paul Byford

Opposed by: Bill Moss


4th January 2016

"that this House calls upon the UK government to decide in favour of an additional runway at London Heathrow Airport without further delay"

Proposed by: Ross Hunter

Opposed by: David Kerry